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Tillit Dream Homes cater for a need to live freely in nature, close to work, shops and sport. The property of Sjömålen lends itself ideally for this purpose.

The property belongs to one of the oldest homes of Emmaboda in Sweden; which gives it a true historic character. It has a coast line along the lake of 500 metres; this provides for excellent views.

Many trees are more than 60 years old, they give the property a rural feeling.

The TilliT Dream homes

Single Story waterfront Dream Homes: view from the lake is a  natural flow from water to unobtrusive houses and trees.

Traditional wooden Swedish Dream Homes: combination of quality, energy-efficiency and romantic feeling.
L-Shaped Dream Homes: positioned for maximum privacy, views and sunshine.
Modern Technologies used: maximum convenience, energy-efficiency, and low cost of living.

The property

The above is the future view from the lake. Below the lates design. Changes have been made to follow the flow of the land, to double the size of the gardens, and to save the old forrest. In this design hardly any trees have to be cut.

Orientation of windows to the East (the lake) and the South (the sun) creates a feeling of freedom and privacy.

Gradual Slope from the road to the lake: also second and third line Dream Houses can have a view of the lake.

Minimal Deforesting. Mix of lake view and old trees. Maintaining the character of the area.

Waste water treatment: all wastewater is removed through a common sewerage system. No need for septic tanks.

Emmaboda Kommun have expressed their wish to have Fjärrvärme (City-Heating) for these houses.

Common Area with facilities for BBQ, Canoeing, Table Tennis: People who do not have a water frontage can make use of the unique qualities of this location.

The above designs were made by: Jan-Christer Ahlbäck and

Kerstin B Ahlbäck of: .


Investors interested in this project can contact Gunnar Thulin:

Mäklargruppen Gunnar Thulin AB

TilliT is a Peg's Production

Peg’s is a foreign Holding Company, with the Sweden based TilliT (dream homes), to develop Dream Homes for you.

The Historic house of Sjömålen is also used for training of management teams and coaching sessions. The nature has exceptional effects on the participants. Read More.


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Features and Benefits

Permanent Living area: Kommun will maintain roads and provide all services.

Short distance to railway station: provides for half an hour fuss free transport to the harts of the cities of Kalmar, Kalrskrona and Växjö. Takes you to Copenhagen Airport without changing trains.

Emmaboda Golfklubb 15 minutes drive: a 30 year old, mature golf club near your Dream Home.

Emmaboda Simhall 3 minutes drive: the luxury swimming pool, Sauna, Jacuzzi, Nautilus Equipment, just around the corner.

ICA and Konsum shops: within 3 minutes drive you have a selection of good food and drinks to make your living easy.

Maintain Sjömålen residence: one of the oldest homes in Emmaboda,

giving you a

romantic feeling.

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